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Motonic is leading company for technology and product development in the automotive component industry and is growing as the global company specialized in automotive components.

Established in August, 1989
Motonic automotive institute is an environmentally friendly global leader, developing products having international competiveness with advanced technology. Motonic automotive institute has achieved technical cooperation with advanced foreign companies and academic collaboration with reputable research institutes (universities) to develop advanced technologies. With advanced technologies and high-level manpower, Motonic automotive institute is growing as a world class company.

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Motonic automotive institute
has established an advanced product design system for manufacturing (samples), testing, analyzing, simulating and certificating. In this regard, Motonic automotive institute has world class R&D capability.

Motonic automotive institute has developed and produced the liquid phase injection (LPI) system the first in the world to improve the performance of the LPG vehicle using clean fuel while reducing exhaust gas. Motonic automotive institute aims to develop technology for environmentally friendly clean energy, and tries to develop main components for the fuel cell vehicle, which is the environmentally friendly vehicle, UREA SCR SYSTEM for CLEAN DIESEL, and clean fuel CNG SYSTEM. In order to reduce the fuel consumption ratio of the vehicle while improving the output power, Motonic automotive institute tries to develop CVVL (Continuously Variable Valve Lift).

environmental laws for CO2 regulation are being reinforced more and more. Under this condition, we lead low-carbon green growth by developing friendly automotive components, such as low-carbon high-efficiency automotive components, hybrid automotive components and intelligent automotive components based on environmentally friendly technology accumulated for the last ten years. Under the current situation of high-price oil, Motonic automotive institute has a vision to develop world class automotive components and to research solar cell power, wind power, and geothermal power.